You are able to book consultations with one of our vets six days a week. We have twenty minute appointment slots. This enables us to be able to give your pet a thorough and careful check over.  It is helpful if you could please make a note of any products you may be using for routine care e.g. flea or worming treatment, as well as details of the food you are feeding at home. Our vets will take all of this into consideration when examining your cat and will advise any changes as needed.

Cat Friendly Accreditation

We are proud to announce we are now a Cat Friendly Clinic! What does this mean for you and your cat?Cat Friendly - Silver Logo

We, as a clinic, recognise that because of their unique nature and needs, taking a cat to a veterinary clinic can be very stressful- both for the cat and also the owner.

The Cat Friendly Clinic programme is designed to help address these issues by creating more cat friendly veterinary clinics thus reducing the stress levels of everyone involved in a visit to the vets. If you have any questions about what being a Cat Friendly Clinic means for you and your cat, please don’t hesitate to ask.

At FoothillsFeliwayproducts_2 Animal Hospital, we offer a “Cat Only” corner along with Feliway dispersing from the consult room through to the waiting area. This allows us to ensure your beloved cat feels less stressed. We stand by the Feliway- we even have cats walk themselves back into their carriers after consults! The more relaxed we can keep you and your cat the better the whole experience will be.

Treats are also a great way for us to make your cat feel special when they visit us. We use Vets Best Rewards liver treats, warm roast chicken and cat grass! If your cat has food allergy or is on a special diet it would be great if you could possibly bring some treats that they can eat, for us to give them.

Some of the common types of consultations we offer are detailed below…

Home visits.

We are happy to arrange to come to your home to see your pet if that is easier for you. We can also arrange transport for your pet to us if the need arises.

Skin, Ear and Eye assessments

We understand how unhappy itchy skin makes pets. At Foothills we give the most up-to-date advice about how to stop the itch. Treatment ranges from diet modification, topical skin treatments and occasionally medication. We have a record success in treating these conditions.

We are also able to do full eye exams that include assessment of vision, eye-pressure measurements, monitoring of tear production and removal of lumps and bumps near the eyes.

Lameness and Arthritis

As pets get older they may get stiff and sore. But arthritis need not impede their quality of life. We will be able to tell you how severe their arthritis is and provide a wide range of solutions for the senior pet. Our vets are well versed in traditional and natural treatments for stiffness and manage to keep pets happy well into their later years.

Sometimes animals injure themselves and will come home with a limp. With expert examination techniques, digital x-rays and the option of specialist consultation we will can fix most sore legs one way or another.

Senior Health Checks

At Foothills we pay special attention to older pets. We know that early detection of new problems is the best way to ensure a long life for pets. A simple health screen involves the drawing of a small amount of blood which we can then test for the presence of infection, anaemia, liver and kidney problems and several other serious illnesses. And the best news is that this is done in-house using our modern lab equipment. We will give you a full report just hours after you come to us with your pet.

Lumps, Bumps and Warts

Some lumps are benign and easy to remove, but some can be very serious indeed. We can usually tell the difference during the consultation but if we cant, we know exactly how to find out. We can the discuss all the very best diagnosis and treatment options with you.

Dental Checks

dental productsAt Foothills Animal Hospital we offer FREE Dental Checks!!

A healthy mouth equals a healthy pet. Cats with bad teeth are prone to kidney disease and in dogs tooth infections cause chronic pain and anorexia. Our vets can do thorough dental assessments during the consultation. If required they will implement a full dental plan. This usually involves a clean and scale of the teeth using special veterinary-specific dental equipment. Cleaning teeth regularly adds years to a pet’s life!

For preventative dental care from the age of 6months in all dogs we recommend using products endorsed by the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC). These are products that have been tested under VOHC requirements and are shown to prevent tartar and plaque build up. Our favourite products for dental care are Hills Prescription Diet t/d Original bites & Small bites; Essential Healthy Mouth, Aquadent, Oral Cleanse Gel, Plaque Off and Petosan Pet Toothpaste.