cat-vet-697x340Cat Friendly Visits.

At Foothills Animal Hospital we understand it is sometimes stressful getting your feline friend to the vet. Whether its the dreaded cage, the theatrical of “musical cats” whilst driving, or sitting in the waiting room with boisterous barking dogs while you wait for your consult.

We have a few tricks up our sleeves, to help make your visit a bit more pleasant for you and your cat.

Cat Friendly Accreditation

Cat Friendly - Silver LogoWe are proud to announce we are now a Cat Friendly Clinic! What does this mean for you and your cat?

We, as a clinic, recognise that because of their unique nature and needs, taking a cat to a veterinary clinic can be very stressful- both for the cat and also the owner.



The Cat Friendly Clinic programme is designed to help address these issues by creating more cat friendly veterinary clinics thus reducing the stress levels of everyone involved in a visit to the vets. If you have any questions about what being a Cat Friendly Clinic means for you and your cat, please don’t hesitate to ask.

The Cage:
Unfortunately cats can relate to their cage as a bad experience. How often does is it result in a good experience for them? They are always shoved in it, taken on a terrible journey and then either poked and prodded at the veterinary clinic,  or taken to a strange environment like a cattery.
Get the cage out the night before – this allows your cat time to get comfortable with the cage. Put treats, toys or their biscuits in there so it makes it a good experience. Some cats who like small spaces or cardboard boxes will often climb into the cage themselves and just happily sit there. You can spray the natural calming pheromone Feliway in the cage also. Don’t force the cat into the cage just let them explore the cage until it is time to leave. For future visits and training you could get the cage out once a month, leave it on the floor and put the treats and toys in it, and then put it away again. This will help the cat build trust in the cage.

Place a towel or blanket over the cage so the cat cannot see out. When cats are afraid or scared they like to hide in small dark places.  Also shadows, trees above and noises can give the cat a fright.
While in transit, resist the urge to open your cats cage to comfort or soothe him. A scared cat may try to dash out.

The Waiting Room:
When you arrive at Foothills Animal Hospital and checked into reception, your cat will be settled either into our designated Cat Waiting Area, or directed straight into the Cat Consulting Room. Our Cat Waiting Area has a specially designed screen, enabling cat carriers to be placed securely away from the sight of any dogs waiting in reception. Blankets are provided to cover cat carriers. Feliway spray is located at reception, and our receptionist will spray the blanket used for your cat, this will help reduce any anxiety that they may be experiencing. 

Tip: Keep your cat cage off the floor and pop it on the seat next to you. Cats feel safer off the floor and being up that little bit higher. We can also spray some Feliway into your cats cage to help calm them.IMG_1002

Designated Cat Consulting Room
We will try to transfer you to our Cat Consulting room as soon as possible. Our Cat Consulting room has a Feliway Diffuser dispersing throughout the room and spreading out to the waiting area.
It is extremely important to us that you and your cat have a pleasant and as stress free experience as possible. Bringing a blanket from home, or a favourite toy with you may help your cat feel at ease.

If there is anything we can do to assist you and your cat on your visit, please make us aware of this when making your appointment.