How Feliway works.
Cats naturally rub their face on familiar objects in the territory, depositing pheromones from their check gland. Cleverly, Feliway mimics this because it contains a synthetic version of the feline facial pheromone. As such, it offers a natural way to prevent or control anxiety related behaviours because cats feel that they are in a safe and familiar environment.

Feliwayproducts_2Here’s how the diffuser works
– The diffuser is plugged into a socket in the room most used by the cat.
OR in an area where inappropriate behaviour is occurring.
The diffuser should be in an open area and left on continuously
It last approximately 4 weeks and covers an area of 50-70m

mejor-con-FeliwayTo support the diffuser at home, use the Feliway spray on prominent objects around the house once daily. You can also spray the cat carrier before use.

The length of time you will need to use Feliway may vary with each case.