Cat Hospital Servicesimg_1784

If you cat becomes unwell we are able to investigate and treat almost all possible medical conditions including skin, allergies, ear, eye and gastrointestinal problems. We use our in-house blood analysers, microscopes and x-rays to reach the correct diagnosis. We then look after your cat in our air conditioned hospital facilities.

Our hospital is cat friendly. It is very important to us that your cat is not stressed and very comfortable during their stay. We may ask for any teddy’s or special blankets image img_1928your cat has to comfort them should they need to stay with us. We always keep cats separated from dogs because we have a designated cat ward.

Unfortunately we do not have staff on the premises 24 hours a day. If your cat needs to stay overnight with us we have an off-site infra-red camera monitoring system. Our vets will be able to check on your cat all through the night and talk to them to check they are OK. If there is any reason for concern they will go into the hospital and provide the care that is needed immediately.

Our specially designed cat ward is quiet and peaceful if your cat should have to stay the night. Their bedding is sprayed with Feliway and classical music is played – studies have suggested that cats prefer classical music because it contains tempos and frequencies that match purring for example. Cats become more calm, confident and tolerant throughout their clinical experience.

If your cat needs through-the-night care we can easily arrange transfer to one of the local emergency centres (either WAVES or Murdoch) for overnight care.