Just like humans, our pets are vulnerable to gum disease and problems with their teeth. Alarmingly, 80% of dogs and 70% of cats suffer from some form of dental disease by the age of three.

When there is a build up of bacteria, food particles and saliva on the teeth plaque is formed. Plaque sticks to the tooth surface above and below the gum line and if not removed will calcify into tartar (also known as calculus). This appears as a yellow-brown material on the teeth. Over time the bacterial infection in tartar causes irreversible changes to occur. These include the destruction of supportive tissues and bone, resulting in red gums, bad breath and loosening of teeth. This same bacterial infection is also a source of infection for the rest of the body (such as the kidney, liver and heart) and can make your pet seriously ill. Ultimately, dental disease results in many pets unnecessarily suffering tooth loss, gum infection and pain. It also has the potential to shorten your pet’s lifespan.

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Preventative dental care is not only necessary, but also financially sound. The cost of a grade 1 (small amount of tartar and staining) cleaning ranges from $280-320 (depending on the size of your pet), but the cost of treating a dental abscess or extractions can often be 2 or 3 times as much, and is more painful.

The good news is that not only does preventative care extend the lifespan of dogs and cats, it also leads to lower vet bills.

To determine the cost we always offer a FREE dental consultation where we can determine your pet’s dental disease on a scale from 1-4, and an estimate what the cost of treatment is likely to be.

At Foothills Animal Hospital we offer this brand new service using state of the art facilities, modern equipment and highly trained staff to get your pet’s teeth sparkling clean, at a fraction of the usual cost.

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