Spirit’s Incredible Rescue Story 

Meet Spirit. Spirit was an abandoned dog who had been wandering around out on her own area for what we believe was a number of years. Scavenging what food she could from building sites, Spirit was very malnourished. Her collar had been embedded into her neck and when she arrived at Foothills this has to be surgically removed. Spirit had also been shot which may explain why she was so afraid of humans. Many had tried to rescue her but could not get close enough. It took a long 7 weeks for Caroline Bowditch from Paws Together, Kelly and a team of committed dog rescuers to get close enough to help her.

Spirit was treated for her wounds at Foothills and stayed with us while she recovered. Slowly but surely she began taking food from the staff and eventually began to trust us. Spirit now lives in her new home where she is surrounded by love and her other four-legged friends. Here are some photos of Spirit’s incredible journey.