Rabbit Nutrition

3816280_origHay – Hay is extremely important for a Bunnys digestive system. You should always have it available.
It is essential for the wearing-down of their teeth, and also to stimulate their gut movement.
Unlimited hay is the most important thing to include in any bunnys diet. You can use a variety of Oaten Hay, Lucerne Hay (as a treat), and occasionally, Wheat Hay.
Wheat Hay is not actually a grass, so it would be a rabbits 3rd choice in the wild.
When feeding Oaten Hay, rabbits need to be checked regularly for the husks of the seeds on their rabbit, as they can get caught up inside the rabbits nose, or in their throat while eating. If not removed, they can cause abscesses or choking. Wheat and Lucerne Hay are much safer, but Lucerne Hay is very high in sugar and should be fed in moderation.

Pellets – Most people think that rabbit pellets were originally formulated for their pet rabbit, but this is not the case. Pellets were originally formulated as a convenient and economical way to promote quick growth and weight gain in commercial rabbits used for food and fur.
Try to avoid pellets that contain fruit and nuts. This is like sprinkling M&Ms on your salad everyday! Also, try and find bunny-eatingpellets which are Hay based. A lot of the pellets that are available in Pet stores in Australia are too high in calories, protein and calcium for adult rabbits. Also try and stay away from the “Rabbit and Guinea Pig Mix”, as it is very high in sugar due to the Molasses content. It also contains seeds which can be very bad for your bunny.
TIP: A rabbits system is meant for foraging. Instead of putting your bunnys pellets in a bowl, try scattering his pellets around the floor of his home. This way he cant consume everything at once, and it will provide good exercise and entertainment for your bunny.

Fruit & Vegetables – When introducing greens for the first time – offer just one at time. Add new one in after a few days.
If a bunny snubs a particular green or veggie.  Just keep adding a little bit to the diet even if they have snubbed it before. They may change their mind and decide its their new favourite!  But even if your bunny snubs one or two types permanently, there are plenty others to choose from. 

Treats – Treats like Raisins, Blueberries, Strawberries, Carrots, Banana, Apples (no seeds)  and other sweet fruits are things that bunnies will do just about anything for, and much healthier for them than the typical pet store treats like seed bars that are sold in large quantities over the counter every day. Try mixing up a few pieces of fruit for them every day, and hand feeding treats to encourage a healthy bond between you and your bunny.