cute_little_bunny_1_3126x2274The only vaccination available for rabbits in Australia is Calicivirus. Calicivirus causes severe internal haemmorrhage which results in rapid death within 1-2 days. Depression, lethargy, neurological problems and anorexia may be noted before death. The virus can survive outside for long periods of time and is resistant to heat and cold. It is resistant to acid disinfectants but susceptible to ammonium based disinfectants. Transmission is mainly through direct contact with another infected rabbit or food and bedding but may also travel long distances in the air and through transfer from insects, birds and other animals. The vaccination protocol for calicivirus is at 10 weeks of age then yearly boosters. If vaccination is given before 10 weeks of age, then it is advised that a booster be done a month later.

Rabbit Statistics

3816280_origLife Span – 6 to 14 years
Average adult body weight – 2 to 6 kg
Heart Rate – 180-300 beats per minute
Respiratory Rate – 30-60 breaths per minute
Gestation – 31 Days
Litter Sizes – 1 to 12
Weaning – 4 to 6 weeks
Puberty – 4 to 5 months
Breeds – Over 45 recognised breeds
Female Rabbit – Doe
Male Rabbit – Buck
Young rabbit – Kits
Rabbit Ears – can measure up to 10cm long


Rabbit Adoption

If you think a rabbit would be a perfect addition to your family. Look at adopting and re-homing a bunny in need. Follow the link to see any bunnies desperate for new homes.

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