Specialist Referrals

At Foothills Animal Hospital we are also able to offer you appointments with our visiting vet specialists in the areas of ophthalmology, dermatology and ultrasonography.

When an animal develops an unusual illness or injury, there is often a need for specialised expertise and equipment to properly diagnose and treat the problem. If your pet has a problem that requires this level of expertise we can refer you to a specialist or someone that has earned our trust and confidence in order to give your pet the optimal chance of recovery.

NOW OFFERING – Chiropractic Care

Dr Rachael Smith

Foothills Animal Hospital is very excited to now offer chiropractic care for cats and dogs. Dr Rachael Smith has joined our team, she is a veterinarian and a member of the International Veterinary Chiropractic Association.
The style of chiropractic she uses is a gentle method which is aimed at the adjustment of just one joint at a time and is usually very well accepted by the animals. Dogs and cats seem to respond more quickly to chiropractic treatments than we do, with many problems improving considerably after one to three treatments. Some of the common conditions that may respond include arthritis of the spine and joints; muscle stiffness, neck pain, cruciate disease and hip dysplasia. It can also help to reduce the reliance on medications and supplements for management of these and many other conditions.Edee chiro

Some of the benefits of animal chiropractic:
-Pain relief
-Restored function and mobility
-Improved rehabilitation from injury or illness
-Increased delivery of nutrients and oxygen
-Improved muscle tone and endurance
-Proper spinal alignment

Treatments are $56 for a 20-30 min session. These are available on Wednesday evenings at Foothills Animal Hospital and you don’t need a referral from your regular vet to be assessed.
To book in to see Dr Rachael Smith or to discuss the treatment options for your dog or cat please call us on 9497 7488 or email us at admin@foothillsanimalhospital.com.au.


Dr Sharon Bryden

Dr Sharon Bryden is a registered specialist in veterinary dermatology. She provide’s a mobile dermatology service so that your pet can be seen in the comfort and convenience of your own local vet clinic. She can provide specialist advice and diagnostics on a range of animal dermatology problems including:

  1. Allergic skin disease – intradermal allergy testing and desensitisation 
  2. Ear infections – detailed examination and cleaning with the aid of the latest video otoendoscope
  3. Bee and Wasp allergy testing and desensitisation
  4. Diagnosis and management of unusual and complicated skin disease


cattemplateImg2Dr Jarrad Chromow.

Jarrad graduated from Murdoch University in 2010 and spent 4 years in private practice. He then completed an intensive clinical training program in diagnostic imaging and ultrasound at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine, Canada. He returned to Australia and completed his membership in the Australian New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists in Radiology (MANZCVS). Jarrad is the director of Perth Veterinary Ultrasound and performs abdominal ultrasound and echocardiogram imaging studies in veterinary hospitals and clinics throughout Perth and surrounding regions.



Dr Lian Yeap graduated from Murdoch University in 1996 and completed membership examinations in Veterinary Dentistry through the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists in 2001. I have a strong interest in veterinary dentistry and regularly perform dental procedures in general,  exotic animal and zoo animal practice. I am a member of the Australian and American Veterinary Dental Societies and the Australian Veterinary Association.

I coordinate teaching of  veterinary dentistry to final year veterinary students at Murdoch University and have assisted teaching of veterinary nursing trainees at Polytechnic West. I am also involved in continuing education and training of veterinarians in practice